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Our Employees


We are friendly, bright, no-nonsense professionals who thrive in a team environment. We’re leaders and innovators in our disciplines. We come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique strengths. But we share a strong work ethic, high standards of excellence and a collaborative mindset.

We are a team, and every player is key to Roku’s success. Get to know us.

How do employees describe working at Roku?


"As a researcher, I find it very gratifying when consumer insights we uncover almost immediately influence the products we bring to market."

- Amita


"I get to make engineering decisions that improve the TV streaming experience for millions of people around the world."

- Ben


"At Roku, I can be myself. I have the opportunity to contribute at my full potential and be heard as an equal."

- Henrietta

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Blog dispatches from our employees


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No Code Is Off Limits - The Roku TV Engineering Team

At Roku, every engineer, developer, tester or manager is given the opportunity and autonomy to do amazing things. For the TV engineering team, who just launched our first 8K television,...

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Success Happens When You Work Together: Collaboration at Roku

It starts with an insight: One day people will stream all their TV. But the insight is only step one. Turning that insight into a real product and a company...

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See you at Roku! - Senior Software Engineer Sergii Krukovskyi

When Roku talks about transparency and trust, it starts by giving its engineers complete access to the code base. That's the only way a small team can change the face...

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Welcome to the Future. Meet Roku's intern class of 2021

Recorded and produced by: Alexis Zimmerman, Employer Brand Intern at Roku Brenda Robinson, University Relations Intern at Roku

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Team First - Polina Vlasenko, Senior Software Engineer at Roku

Software engineers get their start building things on their own, but there's a moment when they realize that they can do so much more when they work with and within...

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Sound and Vision: Meet the people in Roku's Aarhus Denmark office

Located in Denmark's second-largest city, Roku's Aarhus office has become a hub of audio and networking innovation that has developed products to thrill millions of Roku customers. Still a relatively...

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